A Secret Tip For SEO Link Building

A Secret Tip For SEO Link Building

It is common knowledge in the webmaster and SEO community that backlinks play an important role in improving your search rankings. Obtaining links from sites can be a frustrating process. It can take a long time and webmasters do not always use the anchor text that you may want. What few webmasters and “SEO specialists” fail to realise is that you have the opportunity to create many links to your webpages almost instantly. How? Through your own website of course!

By implementing “SEO friendly” internal linking structures you will be telling Google which pages are more important in your site.  You will also be “voting” for each of your internal pages with the exact anchor text that you chose. You simply do not have that flexibility with external link building as not all webmasters think like web strategists.

Google prefers editorial links compared to acquired links.

So as you are writing copy in your website and you notice you are talking about one of your sub pages, link to that sub page with your targeted anchor text. As long as you don’t spam it up, you are adding a contextual, editorial link which is of much higher value. Also check your webpage ‘PageRank’. If your internal page has a ‘PageRank’ then you can use that to boost other internal pages by passing on the link love.

You may be thinking “I have site wide navigation” and “what about my footer navigation”? Google does not give these links as much value as a plain and simple optimised text links. So next time when your adding new content into your site, if you get the chance add a few text links to your other pages. Also remember to make your sites internal linking structure “SEO friendly”.

Good luck with your SEO link building.

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