Understanding Link Building For SEO Purposes

Understanding Link Building For SEO Purposes

In our ever changing and evolving internet world, there has never been a better time to stay up to date with current search engine technologies for higher search engine rankings. We in recent times have seen the emergence of new players like Facebook and Twitter grabbing the attention and time of internet citizens. There are also countless other social networking sites that target specific market niches online, bringing like-minded people together to share ideas and information.

From the search engine optimization point of view, these new avenues offer great channels to market your online business, bringing your products and services in the view of thousands, if not millions of internet surfers, by which you can bring in enormous web traffic to your website.

For your Google ranking results to improve through search engine optimization, you can post hyperlinks (links) to unique and useful information for your followers through these social networks.

If you are a new to the world of search engine optimization (SEO), then allocating small amount of time each week to utilize these new avenues will allow you to see great improvement for your online presence.

One of the crucial and at times not fully understood seo methods is link building. What we need to understand is, when you find information on the subject matter as “link building for seo purposes”, what really should pop up in your mind is “training Google”.

Then your seo efforts will become much easier to implement and your Google rankings will dramatically improve in your favor. Simply by changing the way you think about seo.

Let us now clarify what we mean by training Google to rank your website higher in its search results. For us to fully understand this, we need to know the inner working of Google search engine. Most seo service providers will tell you that Google is aware of over one trillion web resources (your webpage is actually a resource). We then need to ask, how does Google actually become aware of such internet resources?

Google follows hyperlinks throughout the World Wide Web, and also places strong emphasis on where those hyperlinks are located on internet. And also, it looks at these important signals to determine the relevance of an online resource. Here’s some important factors to consider:

Which country is the domain located (by looking at top level domain information, example: com, or, com.au) overall activity since that website has been known to Google (updates and content change etc.)
How many web pages does a website have, what is the overall subject of a website (is it based on one subject, or does the website have many different topics?)
How many internal and also external links does that website reference (does it reference related content and also useful resources for visitors)
How long does the user actually stay on a website (since the more time a visitor spends on a website, then it’s fair to say that the searcher has found useful and relevant information on that web site. Google with its advanced tracking methods have fairly good analysis for determining searcher behaviour)

These are some of the important factors that Google takes into account when determining the value of a back link pointing to your website. Therefore, it really is critical to understand how to go about planning and implementing your link building efforts for seo. Always do your research thoroughly when starting your link building, since you want to train Google with your back links, meaning, if the neighborhood is of usefulness for the searcher, then by all means, try to get a link from it, and naturally, if the website is of low quality then don’t bother wasting your time with it.

One of the best way to start your linking campaigns is, getting links from active forums related to your online industry (you will surely find one related to your online field). Also article writing and submission will in long run benefit your search engine optimization efforts greatly.

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